Full Spectrum Studios

In the last decade the recording industry has changed drastically. Producers, engineers, and inventors of the past agree, a hybrid of analog and digital production is the most efficient way to record, edit, mix, and master amazing projects. At Full Spectrum Studios we seamlessly merge the analog and digital world. We offer the flexibility and quality that artists need. Full Spectrum Studios is a beautiful 2000 square foot facility. Once you set foot in the studio it will be hard to leave. This newly built facility offers two control rooms, two large rooms, three isolation rooms, lounge, kitchen, and an on-location restaurant. All rooms are acoustically tuned to suit your needs. The studio is located in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, a short drive from Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay or any place you may coming from. We offer secure parking and easy load in. There are hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, entertainment, and clubs all within a short drive. Our producers and engineers offer you the best quality recording and still meet the budget. Artists of all styles and genres are welcome. Don't hesitate to ask questions. To book your next session please contact Cory Baker 920-907-0307.

Red Hall Records

Red Hall Records is an affiliate of Full Spectrum Studios and Positive Side Publishing. We operate with the intention of providing artists with a way to start or continue their career in the music business.

In February 2011 we released the first album under the Red Hall Records umbrella. It is our goal to work with our artists whether it is the artists first album or tenth album, we want to share in your adventure in music. We are an artist-first record company. Your voice in the music business is our number one priority.

For more information about the label and for demo submissions please contact Joe Howard at (920) 907-0307.

  1. Cory Baker
    Owner, Full Spectrum Studios CEO, Red Hall Records Producer Recording Engineer Songwriter (ASCAP) Session Musician Guitar/Harmonica/Bass Instructor

  2. Kenny Zabler
    Studio Operations Manager, Full Spectrum Studios Operations Manager, Positive Side Publishing Producer Recording Engineer Songwriter (ASCAP) Arranger Session Musician

  3. Joe Howard
    Vice President of Operations, Red Hall Records Recording Engineer Session Musician Drum Set Instructor

  4. Wendy Baker
    Administrative Assistant

"Spinning Round" of Nicole Kottke's first release I'll Meet You There.